GUITAR LESSONS: Beginners through Advanced

Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan

You don't need to be a musical genius to learn to create and play beautiful chord-melody solos. You don't even need a great ear. My approach uses practical examples, technique and theory. Lessons are targeted to the individual student. The lessons are conducted
in a relaxed and supportive manner.

Learn Extended chords, substitutions, inversions, passing tones, passing chords, scales, modes, improvisation, etc. Create solos from a "fake book".

No teacher is for every student and no student is for every teacher.
A free 20 minute face-to-face meeting can be arranged for all who are interested.

Although my playing is jazz-influenced my students are encouraged to play the music
they enjoy. I prepare the material for each person prior to the lesson. This includes creating arrangements of a students' favorite tunes at the students' level. My goal is to
give each student the tools they need to become an independent musician and to find
their own musical voice.

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