GUITAR LESSONS: Beginners through Advanced

About Dan Calica and his approach to teaching

Dan Calica is a guitarist with many years of playing and teaching experience.
Although he has performed with trios, quartets, quintets and behind vocalists a major
part of his work has been as a duo with himself and a bassist. Dan currently performs
as a solo guitarist. Playing with a bassist or as a soloist  requires the ability to play extensive chord-melody solos.

Dan's playing background is strongly evidenced in his teaching. He is currently at work on a book for intermediate through advanced guitar students. The book will feature technique, theory, practical examples and arrangements.

Each student is a unique individual. The music they enjoy and wish to play must be respected. I generally prepare all of the lesson material prior to the lesson. This may encompass writing arrangements, preparing exercises, or transcribing a students favorite tunes from a CD and tailoring it to the students playing level.

Everyone learns at their own pace and often in their own way. It is the job of a teacher to be sensitive to how each person absorbs information and to tailor the lessons and approach for each individual.

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